luni, 7 februarie 2011

Their new country

"Barris de Ponent" - the emigrants neighborhood it is very surprising. The emigrants try to adapt to their new country in the strangest ways. One way that I was interested with it was to met people from very different countries and culture who cook the Spanish traditional tapas food and own a traditional Spanish tapas bar. This is one of the way to adapt in their new home country were in the most of the cases they are force to move in order to work to survive.

One of this tapas bar from the periferic neighborhood Barris de Ponent it "Genoma".
Genoma tapas bar it is a specific bar like all the bars that you can find in the poorest part of the city, with drinkers and local people with fix habits who now each-other and stay there a lot of time.

Chi Young is the bartender, the cooker and the owner of Genoma. He is from China, and has 30 years there and 28 years in Spain, because of the different numbering system of the age from China.
He was coming from China as a cooker to a Chinese restaurant were he worked for several years, where he become a Chef. Back in China he was cooking from 7 years old, he sad, because he is from a poor family and he had to help his parents who were at work during all day.

After several years of working in the Chinese restaurants in Catalunia he wanted to make a Spanish traditional tapas bar. So, he learned to cook Spanish tapas by tasting the food, he said. And he started Genoma.

Not only it is a familiar environment but also the food it was extraordinary every time. Afterward it was made by a Chinese Chef:D

This is one of the friend-customer of Chi Young who in the past it was a photographer for the local newspaper. Even Chi Young it is working a lot he is optimist every time and he was very nice even he was a little quiet.

He don't forget his origins.

During that period when I met his, he was working from 8 in the morning to late in the night because his wife was just giving birth and she had to stay with the little bebe and can't help Chi Young.