luni, 31 ianuarie 2011

Walls that speak - Catalan Graffiti 2

"Murs que Parlen de Pau" - Walls who speak about peace, it was a project organized in 2010 by Akim and Cityhall of Tarragona (department for young people) about peace and children. Cityhall allowed him to paint in the old watercourse in Tarragona.

Akim is a young artist born in Barcelona who live and work in Tarragona. He is involde in all sorth of social projects, like this one but also along with hi's wife they have an association (Asociacion Espiritu Libre) who runs all kind of social projects like editing books for children education or collaborating in activities for helping children with disabilities.

Akim also developed a tehnique for making graffiti on canvas. This are some of his works you can see more on his website:
He is using alternative classic tehniques on his graffiti canvas works. Here is using gold leaf.