marți, 1 februarie 2011

Walls that speak - Catalan street art (3)

"Pylon Parade" it is an permanent artistic environmental project in old part of Tarragona, Spain.
It was made by art associations from Tarragona in 2008 in Comte Street in the old part of City of Tarragona. (in the fortress)
It is a controversial project because the street it is known as a bad street. People's opinion was different about making something for this street at the time.
The project was made to remember to the authorities that it is an old street and need to be restored not to let to be destroyed by time and people.

Every pylon it is personalized, hand painted.

In the front it is a graffiti work made by Akim (remember him?) who also participied in the project.

In bach are are few of the streets that has been demolished.